Backfree is a treatment program based on specific exercises designed to balance the body and recalibrate the nervous system.

After years of intense training, self-enquiry and working closely with clients who have experienced debilitating fascial, muscular or skeletal injury Darren discovered a pattern of how the body reacts to trauma and how certain trigger points can affect connected areas within the body, hence cause referred pain.

Darren realized that humans are the only mammal without a tail whose spine is supported directly over the legs. Therefore, the legs create the foundation for the spine.

Darren discovered that the majority of back discomfort is the result of an imbalance within the foundation caused by some form of injury that can even stem from early childhood.

However, given that the human body keeps its balance by counterbalancing, weaknesses or injuries caused by repetitive strain or a physical trauma like a broken collar bone can cause the spine and legs to compensate for and support the vulnerable area. The trauma affected area goes into shock and even after healing interferes its responsiveness and the counterbalance of the body; referred “unexplained” pain in e.g. the back, shoulders, neck, elbows, hands, knees and ankles or sciatic pain are often a result. Some people also experience nausea, headache and migraine as a result of the imbalance.

The Backfree program addresses the body and nervous system from a totally different yet highly effective approach. By using trigger points within the body, it can safely release structural misalignment and muscular imbalances to connect and recalibrate the nervous system and build a strong, solid foundation for the spine. The series of exercises are designed in a way that makes them universally applicable for a broad range of people; certain aspects within an exercise can be individually amended and adjusted. This is a major advantage of Backfree as it does not alienate anyone from being able to benefit from it and enables clients to practice the program independently once they learned the correct actions to achieve long lasting results.

Backfree represents a new unique therapeutic approach of guided exercises that can balance the body, relieve back and sciatic pain and enable clients to attain an optimum neurological response for more precise and controlled movements that assist in rehabilitation, injury prevention and enhanced athletic performance.

Testimonials of the Backfree system from general clients, tradesmen, doctors, professional athletes, etc. and further information can be found on the Backfree website –

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