Yoga Central® Instructor Self Maintenance (ISM) Courses

ISM 200, 350, 500

As one of the longest standing yoga schools in Noosa Yoga Central offers a range of Instructor / Teacher Training Courses.

The instructor training is an opportunity for everyone interested in attaining knowledge of the theory and practice behind Madhya yoga.

The Instructor Self Maintenance (ISM) Courses (200, 350 and 500) are based on the number of training hours and offer progressing insights into the art of yoga, anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as practical and theoretical approaches to teaching Madhya yoga.

The ISM courses are designed to establish an authentic, well-informed approach of yoga to safely introduce students into their own personal practice or enhance their practices and work toward becoming a yoga teacher. We consider this to be a crucial aspect so that our students acquire a genuine understanding of the human body and the effects of yoga asanas in order to safeguard themselves and possibly future students and to attain and maintain optimum health and well-being.

Upon completion our students get a Certificate of Achievement.

Yoga Central is also supported by the insurance company Arthur J. Gallagher and provides further training to become a Backfree practitioner.

Upcoming Courses

ISM 200 Module 1 © Yoga Central 
– Teaching asanas, observation and adjustment of other teacher trainees
– Led practice asanas, observation and mirroring other teacher trainees

ISM 200 Module 2 © Yoga Central
– Led practice and exploring inversions
– Sequencing in inversions

ISM 200 Module 3 © Yoga Central
– Correct use of yoga props
– Revisiting led practice asana, observation and mirroring other teacher trainees

ISM 200 Module 4 © Yoga Central
– Teaching asanas, timing, observation and class overview
– Sequencing

ISM 200 Module 5 © Yoga Central
– Yoga Philosophy
– Practical and theoretical exam

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